benny who

It's Time.


If anyone reads all of this, then they will know they were meant to. That it was written for them in their time and that the moment they would flow their eyes from left to right, reading the words that were so delicately typed like the pitter patter of little paws on a worn wooden floor, they would feel these letters envelope them like a soft fabric your nana place on you at bedtime. And if you didn’t have the fortune to have a grandma or one who did such things, I hope you find yourself healed of that loss and do it in service for another.

I hope this finds you swollen with joy. Beaming light out of the tips of your hair and gushing with compliments and consideration for people you don’t know on the street. And if you’re broken, I ask you to weep for a little while. Allow the soft pieces of heart ache exit your body by tears and then wring out the towel to dry till next time. Because there will be tears. Eventually. But the point is where to land them. Like the balls of your feet from the fall you had. Landing like a feline poised and sure of her ability.

My prayer is that you’re not longing for something that isn’t meant for you right now. That you bask in the breath of a new day of oxygen. That the sound of your working car makes you gleeful and the slight knowing smiles of your co-workers fills you with camaraderie. That the clock ticking till lunch break is a sight of hope and the hand that lands on your exit time draws out more from its jar.

That to dance in your car and open the windows to fresh air, isn’t silly and to skip to the next destination even if for a block, isn’t childish. That the small one in you, the one who grew up too fast as we all do, longs to play once in a while. To be loved and even cared for. Even if it’s a friend making you tea. Because to open your heart to everything. Even if it tears you down, especially if it molds the very happiness of your being, is to be lived.

Every emotion should not be shushed, every reaction be truthful. That you shall live released and without chains.

Because life throws everything at you in all directions and I hope you remember that the only important way you should be looking at, is up.

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