I grew up all around the Seattle area and had a good ten years in Spokane, Washington in my 20s. After a short stint back to Seattle for about three years in 2016, I met my husband. After a couple of years in Montana, we've now landed in beautiful Michigan.

Collaging since 13. Started writing poetry at 14. Got my first camera at 16. Now, I dabble in filming and editing videos, diving into graphic design and decorating my space.

Art is ever changing and by letting my mind run wild, it has changed and created me in the process.

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  • Sweet Surrender (Book 1) | February 1, 2015 | Kaɪ'oʊti Magazine | 3 photo feature including Emily Erickson, Krystal Federico and self

Article about the In Her Handbag collection

"Warm Water" with Jessica Potuzak

Concept: John Austin, Sarah Benton, Jessica Potuzak, and Erin Neel | Hair/Makeup/Model: Jessica Potuzak

Warm Water with Jessica Potuzak

Model: Jori Hope

The Chill with Nathan Ramseyer

Winter Fashion Editorial with Rosa and Madison

  • 20 Under 40 for Inland Business CATALYST | September/October 2013 | Three photos of winners for the "20 Under 40".

Model: Jessica Potuzak (Ladybird)

Spokane WAM | January 28, 2016

Showcased self portrait work

First Friday/Spokane, WA | March 6, 2015

Displayed two collections including

Drink Glitter and In Her Handbag.

Terrain 7/Spokane, WA | October 3, 2014

Displayed two collections including

Drink Glitter and In Her Handbag.

Terrain 6 / Spokane, WA | Oct 2, 2013

Showcased my self portrait work.

Raw Spokane: Mixology / Spokane, WA |

July 2012

Showcased an array of portrait work.


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