A dream of mine since I was fourteen was to publish my poetry. I kept a large amount of printed out work, written work in journals, a box with scribbles of papers and words written in online blogs. It took a while to get it all together in one spot.

In 2017, I decided it was finally time to publish. It took two years to combine and thoroughly look through the work. I discarded some and rewrote a couple. I wanted it to be perfect. Getting the titles right and the margins correct. I couldn't have done it without my husband.

In August of 2019, I submitted it on Amazon for purchase and now the world can see almost twenty years of my work.

To be honest, it's scary. I've been through a lot in those years, a lot of regret, heartache, dark things and to have people finally be able to see it, to give it light, it's very terrifying. But I'm happy and hopeful people might see themselves in the work and connect to it. Get something from it. That's the goal.

Some excerpts from "vast.":