Elliana Giampietri, 19. Singer, Barista, Thrifter.

In 2014 I started a collection of photos showcasing the contents of twenty women's purses. It was fun, intriguing, and extremely personal. 

The project went from Huffington Post France Républicaine online to Vanity Fair Italia online. To so many blogs and websites around the world, even on Pinterest. I lost count after a while. They found their way to Russia, China, Portugal. In so many different languages, I became very reliant on Google Translate.

It was also an honor to have nine pieces shown in 2014's Terrain, an art show in Spokane, Washington.

Gigi Spott, 21. Mother, Wife, Pin-up. June 21, 2014.

Kelly Lynch-Chevalier, 36. Fashionista, Burlesque Madame, Dame in Charge. 

Jamie Junction, Young at heart. Artist, Writer, "Explorer of the Imagination".

Madison Rose, 24. Wanderer, dancer, wife. 

Desiree Carnett, 30. Artist, Kitchen Witch, Fire Dancer. 

Krystal Federico, 24. Passionate, Inspiring, Creative.

Betty Bleu, 29. Mother, wife, Pin-up.

Andrea, 33. Creative, Smart Ass, (a little) OCD.

Devon Kelley, 30. Photographer, Cryptozoologist, Wife. 

Stephanie Collard, 26. Bibliophile, Wife, Homemaker.

Kristy Carey, 32. Weird, Creative, Unique. 

Danielle, 20. Photographer, Vintage Fanatic, Wife to be.

Ashley Wagner, 30. Accountant, Artist, Cook.

Keleren Millham, 43. Mentor, Chanteuse, Late Bloomer.

Tami Vandegrift, 31. Photographer, Mom, Seamstress.

Stina Rae, 33. Mother, Artist, Photographer.

Emily Erickson, 18. Eccentric, Model in the making, Aspiring Auctioneer.

Gianna Morrill, 23. Graphic Designer, Seamstress, Soon to be step mom.


Sarah Katherine, 28. Photographer, Antiquing Nerd, Beauty Admirer. 2014.

Sarah Katherine, 30. 2016.

Sarah "Benny". 32, Seattle. 2018.

Benny, 34 years old. Time Travel, Video Games, Photography. 2020. 

Sarah, 36 years old. Learning, Growing, Trying not to die. 

Sarah Katherine, 29. Time Traveler, Curator of Life, Wordsmith. 2015.

Sarah (Benny), 31. Urban Hiker, Time Traveler, Self Expression Advocate, Lover of Food. 2017. 

Sarah "Benny", 33 years old. Thrifter, Designer, Video Gamer. 2019.

Sarah "Benny", 35 years old. Artist, Gamer, The Future.